Petstages® Dogwood Mesquite BBQ Durable Stick


Chewing is a natural behaviour in all dogs, as it helps reduce stress and can also control barking, digging and other destructive behaviour.

The Key to embracing your dog’s natural need to chew is to offer appropriate chew objects to help satisfy and relieve chewing urges.

Petstages has developed innovative Chewing Toys designed to address chewing and dental health for each stage of your dog’s development.

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A TASTE OF THE USA: Nothing says USA like a good ole fashioned BBQ! Dogwood Mesquite is a twist on a popular pup favourite, Dogwood, and is packed with sweet mesquite flavour. Dogwood Mesquite is also made in the USA making it a new hometown favourite.

BYE, BORING BONES: Not only does Dogwood Mesquite satisfy slobbery moths, this chew toy is more durable than any stick you find outside, and is infused with BBQ flavour that occupies busy mouths and makes chew time for your dog even better!

BBQ IS MESSY, DOGWOOD MESQUITE ISN’T: Though Dogwood Mesquite was made with irresistible barbeque flavour, we thought of white carpets and clean floors when crafting this chew; all of the BBQ flavour dogs crave, will stay on the bone and off your furniture and floors making for a cleaner chew time.

BIGGER ISN’T ALWAYS BETTER: Size matters when it comes to picking the best dog chew for your dog. That’s why Mesquite Dogwood was made for all dogs and comes in 3 functional sizes ranging from small to large catering to all chewers.

  • Materials Made in USA
  • Mesquite BBQ Flavoring Dogs Love
  • Natural Wood & Durable Strength
  • Will Not Stain Carpets
  • Great for Dogs That Love to Chew
  • Lead & Phthalate Free


Other Dogwood ranges includes: Dogwood Durable Stick (with real wood) / Dogwood Durable Sticks (PUPPY) 2pk   / Dogwood Original & Calming 2PK Medium / Dogwood Original & Fresh Breath Large / Dogwood Flip & Chew Bone

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