Eco-Vet Cough 50ml Liquid


Acute Respiratory and Coughing

ECO-COUGH is used for the treatment of various respiratory problems and acute coughing. It assists with a blocked nose, sneezing, hoarseness, loss of voice and kennel cough.

ECO-COUGH can be used in conjunction with ECO-CIRC, ECO-HEAL, ECO-HEART, ECO-SNUFF, ECO-LUNGS and ECO-VET nutritional supplements.


Dog’s and cats cough to get rid of dust, germs and other debris they breathe in. They can also get infections or viruses. Your dog is a social creature that naturally sniffs. This is why bacteria and viruses quickly spread from dog to dog. Germs also can land on floors, furniture, food bowls, toys and other surfaces where the next dog or cat that comes along can pick it up.

What is Eco-Cough?

Eco-Cough is a herbal remedy for acute coughing or acute respiratory issues.

Why should I buy this product?

Works for all acute coughing, infections in general and running eyes. Where there is no nasal discharge or where any such discharge is free from pus.

What makes Eco-Vet different from other herbal pet remedies?

In nature, when animals are unwell they can instinctively search out healing plants and herbs to help them get better again. However, domestic animals don’t have access to these healing herbs and have to rely on their owners to help them.

Contrary to conventional medicines, natural remedies have no side effects or toxins meaning they don’t harm when they heal. Eco-Vet products treat a large variety of animal conditions be it physical or emotional. Nothing hurts more than seeing your special companion ill; so give us a try and reap the benefits of a healthy, happy pet. After all, we love animals. Naturally!

What are the package sizes available?

Eco-Cough is available in 50ml bottles

Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg



* Eco-Vet has almost 20 years experience, * Homeopathic, Natural Remedy, * Liquid – Simple to use, * Effective in dealing with desperate situations that conventional treatment cannot cure, * Gentle on your pets., * Works for all acute coughing, infections and runny eyes


All products are to be administered orally.

• Cats and small dogs (under 8kg): Add 2ml of the
remedy to 10ml water. Administer 2ml of this remedy
directly into the mouth up to five times daily.

• Medium dogs (8-15kg): Add 1ml of the remedy to 2ml
water and administer this remedy directly into the
mouth, three times daily.

• Large dogs (15-30kg): Administer 2ml of the remedy
directly into the mouth, three times daily.

• Horses: Mix 5ml of the remedy with 5ml water in a
syringe and administer directly into the mouth, three
times daily.

Please see package insert


— Aconitum napellus 30CH
— Ammonium causticum 12X
— Bromium 12X
— Bryonia alba 30CH
— Causticum 12X
— Cuprum metallicum 30CH
— Drosera rontundifolia 8X
— Lycopodium clavatum 12 X
— Pulsatilla vulgaris 12X
— Spongia tosta 6X
— Alcohol 20%


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