Mikki Matt Splitter



The Matt Splitter effectively and painlessly cuts through matts and tangles.


Features & Benefits:

  • Effectively and painlessly cuts through matts and tangles
  • Tapered guide penetrates the toughest tangles
  • Shaped for comfort and effectiveness
  • Long lasting cutting blade


Directions for use:

Designed to cut through tangled and matted hair. The tapered guide penetrates the tangle and allows the blade to cut the hair. Brush or comb the area to be treated – this will help locate the genuine matts.

Use a “sawing” action with short strokes for effective cutting – never force the Matt Splitter through matts as this will cause discomfort to the animal and is less effective.

Use a Mikki Grooming Comb to clear the loose hairs.


Grooming guide:

Always keep Matt Splitter level with the skin to avoid digging in (diagram 1)

Keep Matt Splitter upright and at right angles to the skin – avoid having it at a slant (diagram 2).

Avoid using the Matt Splitter on sensitive areas where there is loose or folded skin. Never lift the skin into a “peak” (diagram 3) when cutting as this can result in serious injury. If in doubt use clippers or scissors with care.

If your pet is extensively matted seek professional help.

Important: keep out of reach of children. Use extra care when using any grooming aid with sharp edges.

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