Nina Ottosson Puppy Hide ‘n Slide LEVEL 2


Nina Ottosson Puppy Hide ‘n Slide will stimulate your puppy and keep him from mischief and boredom.

Nina Ottosson Puppy Hide ‘n Slide is invented to challenge your pup to use their paws and nuzzle to dispense those covered treats that are hidden in the different chambers.

Nina Ottosson Puppy Hide ‘n Slide is a great way for you and your new puppy to bond while providing you with hours of fun.


Reduce boredom and keep your puppy busy with the Puppy Hide N’ Slide dog puzzle toy.

This treat-dispensing puzzle engages and challenges puppies to paw and nuzzle their way to hidden treats. Great for redirecting unwanted behaviours and building a bond with your new puppy, the Puppy Hide N’ Slide features multiple treat-hiding compartments to keep puppies playing longer.

Nina Ottosson has been creating dog games and puzzle toys with different difficulty levels for all types of dogs for more than 25 years. Nina received a 2017 Pet Age Icon Award for her development of innovative treat dog puzzle toys and raising awareness for mental stimulation being an important part of a dog’s health.

FIGHTS BOREDOM: The Puppy Hide N’ Slide provides hours of fun every time your puppy plays with it. Simple enough, just hide treats in each compartment of this dog training game and watch as your puppy slides around the pieces to find them.

HELPS REDUCE DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOURS: By creating a positive outlet for your puppy’s natural chewing, digging & hunting instincts, this puzzle toy helps redirect undesired behaviours.

MAKES FEEDING FUN: With multiple treat compartments, this treat puzzle is an exciting and fun choice for mealtime as it holds up to a cup of dry kibble

BPA PVC & PHTHALATE FREE: Made with food safe materials that you can trust with your puppy.

PUPPY APPROVED: Regardless of their age, size or breed, this puzzle toy is great for puppies that need to get a little extra energy out.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 5.5 × 30 cm


Level 2

Product Specs

* Holds Dry / Wet Kibble / Treats, * Helps to Fight Boredom by Keeping Your Puppy Busy, * Helps to Reduce Destructive Behavior, * Made with food-safe materials that you can trust with your puppy, * Made of tough plastic, this durable dog activity toy can be hand washed with soap and water after the dog treat dispenser compartments have been emptied.


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