Earth Rated 60 Certified Compostable Bags


These compostable vegetable based bags are Earth Rated’s great alternative to the traditional poop bags. Unscented bags which can be used in a compost environment – BPI-approved & meets ASTM D6400 guidelines!

ASTM D6400 is the standard specification for solid material bio-degradation (by composting) required for labelling of plastics designed to be aerobically composted in municipal or industrial facilities.

BPI-approved,  Biodegradable Products Institute – Certified compostable & can be disposed of at your local municipal compost centre where pet wastes are accepted.

Comes in 4 Rolls x 15 each = 60 Bags


Poop Bag FAQ

Are your products Cruelty-Free?

At Earth Rated®, we do not test any of our products on animals. As a team of pet owners and animal lovers, there is no need for animal testing to make our products, nor would we support this type of production model.


What standards do your compostable poop bags meet?

Our compostable bags meet the ASTM D6400 standard for municipal composting, as well as the EN13432 Home and Industrial standards for compostability.


What is your box packaging made from?

All of our packaging for our bag line is made from recycled materials, and we use recycled paper cores for the rolls instead of plastic ones. In addition, our packaging and cores can be recycled after use.


How thick are your bags?

Our compostable bags are 18 microns thick or 0.71mil – our thickest bag yet!


How should I dispose of my bag? 

Composting with municipal composting facilities:
Our light-green bags can be composted in municipal facilities that accept pet waste. Municipal composting facilities that accept pet waste do not exist in many communities so be sure to check locally for such facilities in your area.

Home Composting
These bags are certified for home composting. That said, just be sure not to use the soil to grow your dinner, avoid putting it on food crops and anything edible!


Help! I am having trouble opening the bags.

Dry fingertips can sometimes make it harder to pull the bag open. If you are having trouble opening them, we suggest pinching the top of the bag to separate the sides or even slightly moistening your fingertips.


How should I store my poop bags?

  • Store in bags in a cooler, darker area of the home to avoid direct sunlight and humid places.
  • Do not keep bags for more than 1-2 years from the time of purchase.
  • If purchasing many boxes at one time, please ensure to use the oldest boxes first.


How do you get your lavender poop bags to smell like flowers?

62% of our lavender scent is naturally sourced from essential oils derived from fruits, plants and spices and the remaining 38% is a binding agent. The lavender scent accounts for 1% of the total make-up of our bags, just enough to mask the stench of poop but not be overwhelming!

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