M-Pets Foldable Waste Scoop


This folding waste scoop is easy to store. It’s easy to clean and so also a hygienic way of handling waste.


Who likes picking up their doggies mess? No-one!! So make it easy with this compact poop scoop.

  • Makes Picking up Poop Easy – the dog scoop has the right amount of tension to pick up dogs messes with ease. The handle is comfortable and easy to use, and you can use scooper with one hand.
  • Sturdy – the springs have great tension to close the jaws around your dog’s mess. 
  • Compact – The foldable waste scoop is easy to use and not too much bending required.
  • Works Well for All Surfaces – The scoop has the teeth to help it extract mess through the grass. The Poop Scoop picks up both wet and dry droppings well and is closed entirely on the bottom and sides of the scoop, so poop never falls out.
  • Great Features include -The scoop has comfortable contoured finger grips to make it easy to squeeze the handle to pick things up. It’s best for both single-dog homes and multiple dogs. Besides, it’s big enough to grab a whole lot in one trip. The waste scooper rinses off well and is easy to carry.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 66 × 15.5 × 13.5 cm


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